Superstorm Sandy

Closing Out New Jersey's Recovery

The raw power of Superstorm Sandy left New Jersey with deep scars that required swift and potent healing. Across nine coastal counties, thousands of homes were damaged, leading to an urgent need for comprehensive rebuilding and rehabilitation.

With Superstorm Sandy resulting in profound and enduring challenges long after the storm itself had passed, Dynamic was brought in to resolve the most difficult issues. We took an integral role in the New Jersey Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) Program—a lifeline built on approximately $1.3 billion of housing disaster relief. With a broad and nuanced approach, our team’s multifaceted involvement was complex and extensive:

  • Construction Management Excellence: Our professionals conducted thorough damage assessments, carried out meticulous site inspections, and actively spearheaded the process of environmental mitigation. Throughout, they maintained a close oversight of the entire construction scope, ensuring work met the highest standards.
  • Specialized Problem-Solving: New Jersey faced numerous issues that needed resolution across affected cities. The state turned to Dynamic for solutions. Our team rolled up their sleeves, assessed these bottlenecks, and systematically addressed each one—even suggesting improvements to the program design to ensure maximum recovery.
  • Applying Comprehensive Experience: Dynamic’s vast background in construction, HUD CDBG-DR requirements, and meticulous project management allowed us to craft and implement bespoke solutions for homeowners facing the most intricate challenges.

With unwavering dedication and deep industry knowledge, Dynamic drove the NJ RREM program to completion as a “go-to” contractor, offering a brighter, more stable future for countless homeowners impacted by the disaster.