2021 — Present

Hurricane Ida

Innovative Responses and Dynamic Resilience

Immediately after Hurricane Ida struck, Dynamic launched a comprehensive statewide response involving emergency facilities, establishing basecamps, mitigating waterways, and crafting housing solutions to anchor Louisiana’s long-term path to restoration.

For Dynamic, this was more than just a recovery effort – it was about rebuilding lives and restoring hope. Through our dedication to high-quality service, we helped communities start anew, becoming a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

Dynamic Impact


Roofs Secured

1.7 M

Cubic Yards of Storm
Debris Removed

$50 M


Debris Management and Levee Revitalization

Post-Ida, Dynamic continues to oversee over 300,000 cubic yards of C&D, vegetative, tires, and white good debris removal within the rights-of-way—including streets, canals, and levees—in Plaquemines Parish.

Hurricane Ida also littered South Lafourche’s protection levees. Dynamic’s mobilized 122 pieces of heavy equipment to rehabilitate and improve over 60 miles of levee roads, which included:

  • Clearing debris to preserve access and ecological balance.
  • Restoration of levee integrity to reinforce community resilience

Emergency Drainage and Waterway Protection

Preventative Emergency Canal Clearance: During Ida’s approach, Dynamic cleared 3,000 feet of canal in Lafayette in record time—a proactive step that reduced potential flooding risks.

St. Charles Parish Houmas Canal Clearing and Grubbing

To mitigate current and future flooding events, Dynamic provided oversight for excavating and clearing 50,000 yards of disaster-generated debris from the Houmas Canal, along with debris mulching and removal.

  • Rapid debris removal, serving both ecological and infrastructural needs.
  • Upholding community resilience by addressing the challenges of subsequent hurricane seasons.

First Responders Base Camp

To support the Louisiana State Police, Dynamic provided housing for troopers. Within hours of Notice to Proceed, Dynamic mobilized the first set of assets to the site. swiftly setting up facilities by:

  • Installing bunk trailers, air-conditioned tents, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.
  • Managing essential utilities to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • Continuing to service and maintain assets & septic services, supply diesel & potable water, and provide hot showers and cool beds to hardworking troopers serving the State.

USACE Blue Roof Repairs

As Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc, Operation Blue Roof by USACE was activated. Dynamic, in partnership with Venegas, sprung to action:

  • Managed 2,000+ installers, repairing 12 million sq.ft. of roofing in 47 days.
  • Utilized state-of-the-art technology, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines.
  • Achieved a peak production of 470 homes daily, surpassing USACE’s expectations.

Temporary Shelter Deployment

Following Ida’s destruction, Dynamic assisted with emergency housing in collaboration with GOHSEP to provide families a temporary place to rest as their homes were rebuilt. Together, we:

  • Installed, maintained, and deactivated 1,025+ travel trailers.
  • Expertly coordinated with multiple stakeholders to provide efficient project delivery.

Emergency Support Facilities

Hurricane Ida also disrupted a major statewide healthcare system, and Dynamic was determined to support these critical healthcare functions by allowing the hospitals to care for affected community members. We swiftly intervened by:

  • Providing emergency facilities at six locations.
  • Supporting continuous healthcare service with 24/7 assistance.
  • Managing turnkey set up, wraparound services, and waste removal including:
  • Fueling & potable water services
  • Wastewater pump-out & disposal
  • Onsite staffing & security

Proud Accomplishments

  • Utilized local resources, supporting long-term recovery and economic development in the communities served.
  • Displayed exceptional problem-solving skills, developing efficient and creative solutions to unique challenges presented by the disaster.
  • Contributed significantly to disaster mitigation and emergency response in the region.
  • Supported the rebuilding process, inspiring hope among affected communities.
  • Created a lasting positive impact, demonstrating Dynamic’s commitment to aiding communities in their most vulnerable moments.

Dynamic remains devoted to Louisiana, employing innovation and rapid response expertise to foster recovery.