2020 — Present

Hurricanes Laura & Delta

Rebuilding a Stronger Louisiana

From Day 1 following Hurricanes Laura and Delta, Dynamic spearheaded statewide recovery efforts by providing housing solutions, managing debris removal, and rebuilding schools.

Statewide Debris Removal

Confronted with the massive debris aftermath of Hurricanes Laura and Delta, Dynamic undertook multiple concurrent debris removal projects in the hardest-hit areas like Lake Charles and Pineville.

We managed over 300,000 cubic yards of debris in a matter of months. As with every mission, our primary goal was to not only clear the debris but also restore confidence and a semblance of normalcy to the impacted communities.

USACE Emergency Temporary Roof Repairs

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Laura and Delta in 2020, Dynamic supported Operation Blue Roof, initiated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. As key contributors, we:

  • Successfully secured over 1,200 roofs.
  • Assured comprehensive project management, coupled with compliance, documentation, safety protocols, and quality control.
  • Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Louisiana by providing timely, quality hurricane response.

Accelerated Construction to Rebuild McNeese University

The storms also impacted McNeese University, causing a staggering $125 million in damages and leaving the education of 7,300 students hanging in the balance.

Dynamic was at the frontline of the urgent restoration cause: immediately upon verbal award and one day prior to NTP, Dynamic’s Strike Team and Logistics Team mobilized to employ pre-established plans.

Within three days of mobilization, Dynamic was staffed with two project managers, five field superintendents, six subcontractors, and general laborers. At peak, 150 personnel worked delivering the following services to the university and state:

  • We took charge of one of the university’s four primary campus quadrants, reconstructing six buildings totaling 350,000 square feet.
  • From general infrastructure—roofs, doors, windows, flooring—to intricate tasks like mechanical, electrical, and HVAC system overhauls, our team’s approach was comprehensive.
  • We abated unforeseen asbestos for two of the affected buildings, always collaborating closely with the client to ensure timely outcomes.

Reconstructing Calcasieu Parish Public Schools

2020 was a tough year for Calcasieu Parish students. As they were readjusting to physical classrooms after prolonged virtual learning, Hurricanes Laura and then Delta wreaked havoc. 74 out of 76 schools were damaged, with 15 enduring extensive harm. Dynamic rose to the occasion by:

  • Securing the reconstruction project for seven schools, which catered to over 3,300 students. The assignment, worth $31 million, included LaGrange High—the largest school in terms of student volume and damage extent.
  • Our tasks spanned from intricate jobs like HVAC ductwork modifications and electrical system overhauls to extensive tasks like roof replacements and custom auditorium renovations.
  • Despite challenges like material shortages and unexpected conditions, we managed to navigate these issues, often ahead of schedule, with the support of our reliable vendor network.

Long-Term Housing Recovery

Following Dynamic’s stellar performance in 2016, we were again entrusted to aid Louisiana’s $1.5 billion HUD CDBG-DR program for recovery from the 2020-2021 hurricanes. Our services are multifaceted:

  • We execute meticulous home rehabilitations and reconstructions, strictly aligning with the program’s guidelines.
  • Beyond construction, we tackle nuances related to design and construction codes, energy efficiency standards, historical preservation, and green building certifications.
  • We often spearheaded resolutions to unforeseen challenges in an effort to decrease both project duration and cost.

Dynamic’s flexibility and dedication allowed us to continually rise above challenges, offering unparalleled disaster recovery solutions.