2017 - 2019

Dual Hurricanes: Irma & Maria

Stalwart Support in the Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico

2017 became a year marked by catastrophe for the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Two disastrous hurricanes left the regions grappling with unprecedented challenges, extensive damage, and an immediate need for relief.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Hurricane Irma’s wrath led to damages that soared over $10 billion, Dynamic’s involvement with the Emergency Home Repair of the Virgin Islands (EHRVI) program emerged as a beacon of hope.

  • Swift, Effective Repairs: With a focus on restoring normalcy, Dynamic’s team worked around the clock to secure building envelopes, establish reliable temporary power, and stabilize clean water supplies for approximately 9,000 affected homes.
  • Expertise in Roofing: On St. Croix alone, our skilled teams provided robust roofing solutions for over 1,800 homes, ensuring families were shielded from further distress.

The twin hurricanes also wreaked havoc in Puerto Rico. As a response to the destruction, the “Tu Hogar Renace” (Your Home Reborn) program was initiated. Dynamic’s reputation for adaptability and expertise allowed us to take on several key responsibilities:

  • Broad-Spectrum Services: We worked diligently across 17 diverse municipalities. Our tasks ranged from ensuring utilities conformed to code requirements, to setting up essential facilities like hot water and restrooms—all while strengthening homes against future weather events. With Dynamic repairing nearly 13,000 homes in less than 18 months, our services are not just comprehensive, but outstandingly expedient.

Through every challenge, Dynamic stood firm, channeling its expertise to help communities rise from the rubble and look forward to a resilient future.