2019 — 2022

2018 Hurricanes Michael & Florence

Restoring Homes and Hopes

When Hurricane Florence lashed the Carolinas in September 2018, it left over 8,000 residences scarred. Wind, tornadoes, storm surges, and relentless flooding presented homeowners with overwhelming challenges.

North Carolina’s STEP Towards Recovery

With wind gusts crossing 100 MPH and record-breaking rainfall, North Carolina was left grappling with 42 lives lost, $16 billion in damages, and over 74,500 affected structures. The aftermath was grim, and the state’s response had to be swift and strategic.

As such, this prompted the North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) to initiate FEMA’s Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program, seeking to perform basic repairs on over 2,100 homes.

As a pivotal contractor for the NC STEP program, Dynamic:

  • Restored 424 homes, ensuring they were safe and resilient while prioritizing cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and compliance.
  • Performed a vast spectrum of tasks, from exterior repairs like roofing and window installations to extensive interior work.
  • Oversaw critical electrical and plumbing repairs and essential repairs to secure homes.

South Carolina’s Rehabilitation Process

South Carolina’s Office of Resilience rolled out an extensive HUD CDBG-DR housing restoration initiative targeting 500+ single-family homes and rental properties.

Trusted for our expertise and efficient delivery (especially on intricate projects with unique demands), Dynamic was brought in to execute dozens of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Through the destruction of Michael and Florence, Dynamic’s proficiency and passion proved paramount in restoring families’ normal way of life. With every repaired home, we silently sow the seeds of hope and resilience.