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Senior Driving Dilemmas: Lifesaving Strategies

When is it time to stop driving? Are you dreading “the talk” with your parents or grandparents regarding their safety and the safety of others on the roads? Then this book is for you! Did you know that by 2025, drivers 65 and older will represent 25% of the driving population? A 10% increase since 2001! Scientific studies show that physical and cognitive degeneration at older ages compromises driving abilities. Dr. Bernstein delves into the topic of senior driving dilemmas with real life patient experiences…written as an informational guide to families to understand the complexities of senior driving, and unravel the nuances of the problems that might be faced as they cautiously transition their loved one from behind the wheel providing lifesaving strategies.

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I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News: YOU'RE OLD: Tales of a Geriatrician, What to expect in your 60's, 70's, 80's, and Beyond

Life is an aging process. Each of us will go through it in our own way. How we lead our lives when we are old, particularly as we near the end, is worth pondering. In this way, “I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News: You’re Old” serves as a guide for all of us as we age, providing topics for contemplation and discussion with friends, family and colleagues.

“You’re Old” uses real patient experiences to explore what happens as we age-physically, mentally, and socially. Each chapter concludes with Notes on Living Longer, a resource section providing topic-specific information on organizations, websites, and other expert sources that can help the reader better understand and prepare for the prize of surviving youth and middle-age: becoming old.

“You’re Old” is written for all of us who aspire to AGE GRACEFULLY™. It is written for the physicians, nurses and other providers who care for seniors. The experiences explored in this book include the”good news and the bad” as the inevitable ravages of age intrude into the lives of Dr Bernstein’s patients. His acronym GRACE describes the secrets he has learned from his patients to lead a happy, healthier and long life.

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